Thursday, February 26, 2009

Piggie Cam: How the cage used to be

This footage shows a few early blunders:
-we have removed the Snack Shack after learning that they are made from sawdust and honey (and a few other things). Anything edible for the piggies to play with should be made of foods they are actually meant to eat! It was a kind gift for their housewarming but unfortunately turned out to be a pet store cash grab.

-lots of piggie owners like the pigloos but Harmony and Kazula are so wild in their play that I worried about them hurting themselves running in and out. While they are young and wild, we're sticking with soft/fabric hideys.

-the round husk hut was not used until I added a fleece pad inside for comfort and secured it to the cage wall. After doing that, they designated it as the The Loo. Funny and tidy, I must say.

-this is our ramp in its early stage. You'll notice the piggies don't run up there. They only started using it when I covered it like their tunnels. Then, it was playtime, people!

-while they are playful and popcorning (happy), I still can't come close at this point or they hide. By ten weeks, I could approach them.

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