Tuesday, March 3, 2009

9 weeks - more renovations

Guinea pigs are very, very sweet. No two ways about it. They are very loving and attentive. And I can't help dreaming up more ways to enhance their lives. I think we've got mutual crushes on each other. They are trusting me a lot more, and always seem excited to see me, and I love spending time with them.

Exercise and Play
Each morning when we come down to the cage, the piggies wake up and become very active. They run really fast laps around the bottom cage, tear up and down the ramp and now, whip across The Bridge.

Yes, we have expanded once again. I bought another package of cage grids ($20 for a pack of 13 at Home Depot in the shelving department). I bent three of them into U shapes to form the bridge and used the rest to create a second loft area on the other side of the cage.

When we introduced the new area, the piggies were so excited I thought they were going to fly right out of it! Because of their extreme popcorning, I added some top guards for now to ensure we don't have any unfortunate events. For whatever reasons, running across the bridge and down the ramp seems to be one of their favourite things these days.

Guinea pigs are nappers. They will play for a while and then take cat naps to recoup. It's always interesting to see where they choose to sleep. Initially, the girls would sleep rather upright with their eyes wide open. As they have become more and more comfortable with their home and us, they sleep in more relaxed positions. They usually conk out in separate hidey houses. In the early weeks they wanted to be side by side in separate houses. Now they will sleep in hideys on either level of the cage, not necessarily near each other. I feel really happy when I see them totally flaked out, their bodies completely relaxed. I take it as a sign that they feel safe and it's also the cutest thing you'll ever see.

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