Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our Cage - Still Under Renovations

We're still renovating the cage to suit the piggies but here's how it looks today. These C&C homemade cages (Cubes & Coroplast) are named according to how many cube grids are used. In our case, the cage is 2x5 on the lower level, with two 1x2 cubes on the upper level, plus the bridge adjoining the two lofts. The base of the cage is approximately 6' long by 30 inches wide. In other words, these two sweet piggies have lots of room to run around.

Coroplast is another name for corrugated plastic. It can be scored and folded to fit the cage base and provide protective sides. The waterproof surface keeps the cage from getting stinky because under the fleece, towels, and newsprint, it can easily be wiped clean with diluted vinegar and/or water.

As you can see from the photo, our piggies enjoy using a lot of fabric tunnels. I sew these myself using faux/synthetic sheepskin-like fabric, and cotton scraps, plus some polyester quilt batting inside. Every day when we're cleaning the cage and spending time with the piggies, we move some of the tunnels around which they enjoy a lot.

They love to explore safe, new combinations. In fact, they are so comfortable with their tunnels, that I use them to introduce them to anything new: just aim the tunnel at the new item and they run through and sniff out the new addition.

Here in Canada, I found Rubbermade cubes (sold as make-your-own stackable shelving units) in the storage department at Home Depot (13 grids with connectors for $19.99 CAD). I also saw them at WalMart. There are other ones at Canadian Tire, in a chrome finish.

The corrugated plastic comes in a few sizes. I picked the biggest pieces that I could still fit in my car. At Home Depot, it's found in the Door Department along with plexiglass type panels.

I had to piece sections together for the cage so I joined them with duct tape, being sure to place the tape on exterior surfaces that the piggies couldn't come into contact with.

A package of small zip/cable ties is also useful for joining various sections and cubes together. I also used them to secure the ramp to the loft and attach the ramp roof (which makes the piggies feel safe to travel up and down).

I'm thinking about adding a second bridge under the existing one and doing some cosmetic work to make the whole thing spiffier. Stay tuned, piggie lovers.

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