Tuesday, April 14, 2009

dining up high

We converted one of the cage lofts to a kitchen (which for guinea pigs really means a kitchen/bathroom). I added a half level shelf to give a hiding place by the food (below it), since the girls always like to have somewhere to flee to if there is a sudden sound. Kazula has converted this shelf into her eating spot. She loves to sit up there and be served her hay and veggies.

The kitchen idea really cuts down on the daily cleaning time. Hay is only served in that area, so the fleece in the rest of the cage stays hay-free. They also do most of their bathroom business in the kitchen so cleanup elsewhere is minimal. The change from serving food in the lower level to the upper loft confused them for about half a day, and then they settled in just fine. Where the food goes, they go.

We're still not able to pet or pick up the piggies, but they are very happy to hand feed, and they call me to visit them several times a day. Just whistle if you want me!

1 comment:

  1. You have to be super patient! I would want to cuddle with them all the time. They are so cute!


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