Thursday, April 2, 2009

Guinea Pig Sounds

This is the list of guinea pig sounds from Wikipedia [guinea pigs]:
Sounds I've noticed
(To play the wikipedia sounds, I had to modify a plug-in in my windows media player to accept .ogg files.) It's interesting to play them and compare to what I'm hearing with our piggies.

Harmony and Kazula are now 3 months old. They made no sounds when we first got them at six weeks, then one day Kazula let out a little wheek when she knew her veggies were arriving, and Harmony soon imitated it.

Once in while the piggies will be close together and I hear what sounds like baby birds chirping. It's a sweet, very distinct sound.

A squeal or a shriek, I imagine, is like a very loud wheek. The closest we've heard is once when Harmony was being picked up and clearly did not like it.

Harmony was once gnashing her teeth which made a chattering sound. It was apparent that she was hoping for a treat.

I'm not sure if we've heard rumbling, chutting, or whining. The girls get along really well so dominance has not been an issue yet. They also come into heat around the same time so one is not particularly driving the other nuts with desire.

I heard a lot of what I think was bubbling and purring when the girls were in heat recently. Otherwise, they seem to use these little birdy voices to converse.

Like all animals, I suspect their voices and sounds are far more complex than this list here. It's now known that all song birds have unique qualities to their voices and song melodies. I know I've heard a lot more from our pigs than what's listed here. The trick is to catch it with the recorder! You never know when they're going to do something.

My favourite sound is when Kazula whistles for me. It's much like a human using their fingers to make a high pitched whistle sound. She has done this a few times so far when she seems to want me to come over and say hello. Very sweet!

Jackie's Guinea Pig Sounds also provides listening files of common guinea pig sounds

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