Thursday, May 21, 2009


I like it when Harmony rests her great big head!

1. We love to create new play areas for the piggies each day. They are very curious and get very excited when there is something new to explore.

One day recently I put one of their fabric tunnels on a bent piece of grid and hung it from the side of the cage to create a resting space a few inches off the floor (they like jumping up and down). I kiddingly said to my daughter, The first pig who tries it out gets a nice piece of apple (a favourite treat).

Right then, Harmony stops what she's doing and runs full speed to the new setup and jumps right in!

It was very funny. I'm sure it's a coincidence but we laughed so hard because she not only came to sniff it out but jumped up and in as if she'd been doing it all along. And I did give her a piece of apple: she earned it!

2. I came home the other day and saw my family sitting in the livingroom. I jokingly said, Honey, I'm home. Right then the piggies start wheeking like crazy. They know my voice and they know I'm the one most likely to feed them so when they hear me call out, they now always give a shoutout back. Sweet!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Piggie Cam: Kiss and Run

These two are so silly together.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Piggie Cam: Home Alone

Every so often I place the camera in movie mode and leave it on the floor of the piggie cage. As you will see in this video, the ramp is a hub of activity for Kazula and Harmony.

I'm not sure what they think of the camera. They seem to treat it like some sort of non-threatening visitor. You know they know it's there (because they come up and sniff it so often) but they still continue their usual antics just the same.

Also worth noting: piggies get a lot of good exercise by having ramps and lofts in their cages. Our piggies must go up and down the ramp dozens of times a day. Sometimes they are going upstairs for food, but often they are just goofing around. Our cage also have a half level shelf in the first floor which they love to sleep on and jump on and off. It's a good, active life.
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