Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Petting News

The picture is kind of blurry but you will note that that is a hand PETTING Kazula! For the past six weeks or so, she has been letting us pet her. My daughter can pet her anywhere in the cage but for me, she likes to lay down on her favourite perch and relax while I pet her. She enjoys a good massage. So sweet!

Harmony will tolerate some petting, mostly in the kitchen area while she's munching hay but she still seems nervous about it. We had a visitor recently who didn't know she doesn't like petting and reached in and just started stroking her. It was so funny to see the look of shock on Harmony's face! She put up with it for about 20 seconds and then ran to hide.

We still don't pick them up but being able to pet Kazula is a major step forward. When Harmony doesn't want to be petted, she tries to nip. Kazula doesn't nip but instead gives a little kick with her back leg or runs away.

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