Sunday, September 27, 2009

rabbit takes over blog (for today)

My daughter took these photos. She adores Eli.

It took just a few days with Eli to realize how smart he is.

I had him on my lap on the couch to be petted. Next time he was playing on the floor, he figured out how to jump up onto the couch, even though it was a bit high for his little (dwarf rabbit) self. Rabbits won't leap into the unknown, but once they know what up there, it's a whole new world.

When he wants my attention, he stomps his foot or rattles his cage bars. When he likes how I'm petting him, he makes it very clear that it would be in every one's best interest that I continue.

One day I stepped out of the room when Eli was out of his cage and I returned to find him halfway up the book shelf! He somehow jumped on a little chair, causing it to go next to a box in front of the shelf, which then enabled him to jump onto the middle book shelf. Or so I'm guessing.

You can see it when he is figuring stuff out: the wheels are turning and he will get his way. Now I won't leave him unattended. He's just too inventive.

He's a very sweet, friendly rabbit, though I wouldn't mind if his love affair with my feet came to an end. He likes to lick my feet and nuzzle them. Funny bunny.
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